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Tuscany Photography Workshops

Landscape photography workshops are an excellent way to see some of Tuscany’s most stunning locations while improving your skills. Every year, I lead small groups and individuals on carefully planned tours to some of Val d’Orcia’s most beautiful locations. During the peak weeks of Spring and Autumn, On weekdays, I offer three, four, and five-day landscape photography workshop packages.

My goal is to give you every opportunity to create memorable captures while refining your technique with expert field instruction and post-processing sessions that help you get the most out of your images. This is accomplished using my extensive knowledge of these iconic locations.

I provide a fun and relaxed environment, as well as an excellent learning environment in which both technical and artistic support ensures you leave with amazing captures and fond memories of exploring slow photography in the Val d’Orcia with me.



Tuscany photography workshops for all levels of experience

Would you like to spend a few days in picturesque Tuscany, refining your craft as a photographer by capturing some of the world’s most iconic landscapes on camera?

Join us on our Tuscany photography workshops and experience the joy of photographing peaceful countryside settings in the Val d’Orcia. You’ll also have access to legendary ‘Borghi‘ like San Quirico, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Montalcino which themselves offer unique photography opportunities to amateurs and professionals alike.

My Photography Workshops are for photographers who are almost but not quite satisfied with their images and can’t figure out what’s missing. They’re for those who’d love to pick up their photography where they left off. And they’re for those who want to start again in the right direction, no matter how long it’s been since they graduated, got married, got a job or just quit school.

Include a Tuscany landscape photography workshop in your holiday plans, enjoy private tuition with a one-to-one photography workshop or discover the beauty of the Tuscan seasons with a multi day spring or autumn photography workshop.

Whatever your level of experience, I’d love you to join me for a workshop so that I can help you to explore your photography at your own pace.

Capturing landscapes in the Val d'Orcia during a one to one Tuscany photography workshop.
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Your days in idyllic Tuscany will begin when we set out to capture spectacular sunrise images in pre-scouted locations near Terrapille, Poggio Covili, Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, or Belvedere.

On the first day, we’ll meet at 12.30 in San Quirico d’Orcia’s Piazza della Libertà and then have lunch at Officina del Gusto. With a healthy variety of seasonal, locally harvested produce and rich provincial flavours washed down with some fine Tuscan wine, it’s the ideal way to get to know authentic Tuscan cooking.

We’ll continue with presentations and an initial briefing in the early afternoon before departing for the famous ‘Cipressi’ of San Quirico d’Orcia for our first shooting at sunset.

After capturing our golden hour images, we head to dinner at the Antica Trattoria Osenna in San Quirico to sample another selection of locally produced dishes.

After dinner, we’ll go over and analyse the images from our daily sessions, and I’ll give advice on the best post-production techniques.

The second day begins at 06.00, when we depart for our shooting location, carefully calculating and preparing our compositions to take advantage of the best light.

You will photograph the sunrise in the Val d’Orcia in some of the most iconic locations such as Terrapille, Poggio Covili, Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, and Belvedere.

When the light becomes less workable you will be free to visit the beautiful villages of Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Montalcino in full autonomy.

At 15.30, we reconvene for a briefing before departing for the hills between San Quirico and Pienza for our late afternoon session, which will include capturing the evening golden hour and sunset.

When the best lighting conditions have passed, we’ll head to Trattoria Osenna in San Quirico for an evening meal of many traditional local dishes.

At 21.30, we will begin viewing and analysing the images captured during our daily shooting sessions. We will offer suggestions on the best post-production techniques.

The third and fourth days of any Tuscany photography workshops are held in different locations and follow the same schedule as day two. Your final day, evening shoot, will take place at Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, where the workshop will conclude at 19.00 and we will exchange greetings and best wishes.


We are delighted to advise, assist, and coordinate your accommodation needs. We offer a wide range of hand-picked establishments to meet all of your requirements. These options will all be close to our daily meeting point, with no property more than five miles away. We also organise photography workshops and tours where our guests are accommodated.


Cymon Taylor Productions Tuscan Photography Workshops, Tours & Courses in Italy are available all year, except for August.


Photography skills you’ll learn

Tuscany: The Perfect Location for Photography

Tuscany, as a province, has a long history of encouraging the arts, making it an ideal setting for exploring your creativity. It’s a truly stunning part of the world, nestled in the foothills of west-central Italy. To truly appreciate it, it must be photographed and experienced firsthand. I invite you to join me on your own personalised workshop under the Tuscan sun and enjoy the vistas and culture. A typical workshop will include the following activities:

Tuscany is an excellent location for landscape photography. It truly has it all: vast agricultural landscapes dotted with picturesque ‘cipressi‘, ancient and mediaeval cities with long walls and tall towers, Romanesque and Gothic architecture showcasing the finest craftsmanship from throughout the ages. This photogenic location will inspire you to improve your craft because you will want to capture its unparalleled beauty and share it with others.


Your workshop guide

My name is Cymon Taylor, and I’ll be your guide and facilitator during your stay in Tuscany. I’ve been photographing for forty years and have spent the last twenty in Tuscany. During that time, I embraced the Tuscan way of life and immersed myself in the Val d’Orcia and its rich traditions. Learn more about me and discover what I can offer you.


I create bespoke photography workshops in the Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, tailored to your specific needs and covering areas relevant to your experience as a photographer, whether you are just starting out in the wonderful art of photography or looking to improve your landscape photography techniques. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced photographer, I’m excited to share my devotion for the craft with you and look forward to helping you improve your overall and specific technique.

Photography is all about creating or discovering light and then capturing everything that exists within it. Workshops, in a similar way, are about assisting you in capturing and developing the talent that already exists within you. Please contact me if you want to achieve your photography goals. After we’ve discussed your specific requirements, you’ve given me some dates, and you’ve shared your goals, I’ll start carefully designing your workshop – one that’s guaranteed to improve your technique and ability.

Contact me today to learn more about other workshops I offer here in Tuscany, such as my most popular Val d’Orcia Spring and Autumn Photography Workshops that teach you how to capture the beauty of the Tuscan seasons.

Please keep in mind that workshops, tours & courses may be changed due to local weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control. Rest assured that any changes to the itinerary are only made to ensure that you get the most out of your Tuscany photography workshop.