Tuscany Photography Workshops

Picture yourself in the heart of Tuscany. A winding road snakes away into the distance, lined by majestic cypress trees. The heat rises in a shimmer, the only sound the evocative hum of the cicadas. The light has a translucent quality that bathes the landscape in a breathtaking glow. You train your camera on the far horizon, and as you press the shutter, you just know that this image is going to be a special one…

Val d’Orcia Workshop September 2022

Full details of this workshop coming soon. To register your interest email [email protected]

Tuscany photography workshops for all levels of experience

How would you like to spend a few days in picturesque Tuscany, honing your craft as a photographer by capturing some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes on camera?

Join us on our Tuscany photography workshops and experience the joy of photographing peaceful countryside settings in the Val d’Orcia. You’ll also have access to legendary ‘borghi’ like San Quirico, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Montalcino which themselves offer unique photography opportunities to amateurs and professionals alike.

My photography workshops are for photographers who are almost but not quite satisfied with their images and can’t figure out what’s missing. They’re for those who’d love to pick up their photography where they left off. And they’re for those who want to start again in the right direction, no matter how long it’s been since they graduated, got married, got a job or just quit school.

Include a Tuscany landscape photography workshop in your holiday plans, enjoy private tuition with a one-to-one photography workshop or discover the beauty of the Tuscan seasons with a multi day spring or autumn photography workshop.

Whatever your level of experience, I’d love you to join me for a workshop so that I can help you to explore your photography at your own pace.

Tuscany photography workshops
Capturing the beautiful landscape on one of our Tuscany photography workshops

Picture yourself here...

Your days in idyllic Tuscany will begin the moment we set out to create spectacular dawn captures in pre-scouted locations. We’ll have breakfast either back at the villa followed by an image processing masterclass, or close to our dawn location so that we can keep on shooting in one of the area’s picturesque hilltop towns – perfect for observing and creating street, portrait and architectural images. We’ll also use this time as an introduction to location scouting, maximising your photographic opportunities for the forthcoming days.

At lunchtime, we’ll dine on traditional cuisine in a local trattoria or restaurant. It’s the perfect way to get to know authentic Tuscan cooking, with a healthy variety of seasonal, locally harvested produce and rich provincial flavours all washed down with some fine Tuscan wine.

In the afternoons, we’ll continue post-production, additional location scouting or other shooting sessions. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, we might turn our attention to macro photography techniques, capturing some of Tuscany’s flora and fauna during our explorations into the area’s abundant and colourful nature. An hour or so before dusk, we’ll arrive at our final location, set up and capture the sun subsiding.


Photography skills you’ll learn

Tuscany: The Perfect Location for Photography

As a province, Tuscany has long been known for its rich history of encouraging the arts, making it the ideal setting for exploring your creativity. Nestled in the foothills of west-central Italy, it’s a truly stunning part of the world. It’s a place that needs to be captured and experienced first-hand to truly appreciate it. I invite you to come here and enjoy the vistas and culture with me on your own personalised workshop under the Tuscan sun. On a typical workshop, you can look forward to:

Whether you want to create landscape photographs, portraits or street photographs, Tuscany is ideal. It really does have it all: sprawling agricultural landscapes dotted with picturesque cypress trees, ancient and medieval cities with long walls and tall towers, Romanesque and Gothic architecture showcasing the finest craftsmanship from across the ages… This photogenic place will inspire you to enhance your craft, as you can’t fail to want to capture its unparalleled beauty and share it with others.

The stunning Tuscany landscape
tuscany landscape photo tour

Your workshop guide

I’m photographer Cymon Taylor, and I’ll be your guide and facilitator during your time in Tuscany. I’ve been taking photographs for thirty years, and I’ve been based here in Tuscany for the past sixteen. During that time, I’ve embraced the Tuscan way of life and built a deep knowledge of the Val d’Orcia and its rich traditions. Read more about me and discover what I can offer you.

photographer cymon taylor

Whether you’re just starting out in the wonderful art of photography or you’re looking to improve your landscape photography techniques, I create bespoke photography workshops in Tuscany tailored to your specific needs, covering areas relevant to your experience as a photographer. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned photographer, I’m delighted to share my dedication to the craft with you and look forward to helping you improve your general and specific technique.

Photography is all about creating or finding light and then capturing everything in it. In a similar way, workshops are about helping you to capture the talent that exists within you and bringing it to its full potential. If you’re looking to achieve your photography goals, feel free to contact me. After we’ve discussed your specific needs, and you’ve given me some dates and shared your aspirations, I will begin carefully designing your workshop – one that’s guaranteed to improve your technique and ability.

Get in touch today or find out more about other workshops I run here in Tuscany, including spring and autumn photography workshops that show you how to capture the beauty of the Tuscan seasons. 

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Please note that Spring Workshops may be subject to changes depending on local weather conditions or circumstances beyond my control. Rest assured that any changes in the itinerary are only ever made to make sure you get the best possible experience from your Tuscany photography workshops.


Discover Tuscany's Hidden Gems

You’ll have the opportunity to visit all ten regions of Tuscany during your time with me. I’m based ten miles north of charming Cortona, in the heart of Valdichiana, a scenic valley located between Cortana and Arezzo, both of which are popular locations for photographers. This gives us an excellent base with easy access to beautiful sites such as the Val d’Orcia – known for its green rolling hills and quintessential Tuscan image – and the walled medieval town of Pienza. Florence and Siena, two exquisite medieval cities with rich cultural heritages, are a haven for photographers. The Crete Senesi, famous for its soil’s distinctive grey colouration and dune-like hillocks, resembles a lunar landscape and is also within range.

These cities and provinces all provide excellent opportunities for creating beautiful photos. We will also visit some of Tuscany’s “hidden gems”, away from the hustle and bustle of crowds of tourists. Here you’ll find idyllic little villages whose inhabitants live in much the same way they have for hundreds of years, offering an authentic slice of central Italian life that your creative curiosity will appreciate.

Of course, the main point of visiting me in Tuscany is to work on your photography, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some friends along the way and simply take some time to enjoy the beauty of the area. You’ll remember the delectable local cuisine, washed down with some fine native wines, just as much as you remember the verdant landscapes.

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi