Cymon Taylor's capture of 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder Competizione by Scaglietti #1451


Meet Cymon Taylor

Hi, I’m an advertising, editorial and sports photographer and educator, specialising in automotive, people and location photography, now based in London and Tuscany.

I happily describe myself as a proud son of a multi-talented and wonderful mother, devoted father of two amazing daughters’, a brother and jolly uncle.

Offering a client-friendly service, building close working relationships in a professional and relaxed environment, we are here to support you every step of the way. I pride myself on impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring that your entire experience is a flawless one.

During a 30-year career, commissions regularly justify travel to destinations around the globe. As with every assignment, we continue to regard these opportunities as a privilege, to see and capture all the emotion and unique details, within my photos, in unison with showcasing your brand as authentically as possible.

Photography projects have included shooting campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including the World Cup for MasterCard, Pepsi “Lineup” with BBDO Italia, Speedo, Honda, and Toyota.

Strengthening connections and communication with people through photography is a key element in procuring dynamic and diverse portfolios.


Florence lends itself as the background set for the motion and stills world. The famous 'Cipressa' lined roads, used in television ads and photo print campaigns, are found in Val d'Orcia. Coordinating your award-winning concept in some of these unrivalled locations, illuminated in radiant and ethereal light, is our goal.

My images focus on far-reaching results and the value they create for noteworthy clients. Critics describe my work as evocative and authentic, in more than one genre, where your creative ideas are turned into luminous moments.

I struggle with injustice and continue to search for avenues where photography is the platform to make positive changes for those in need, portfolio 0,01 is a current project.

My favourite colour is blue, most respected sports person Alex Zanardi and below is a quote from my hero.

Providing year-round photography and education services worldwide, we promise to show up, speak up, look up, team up, never give up and lift others up.

If you have any questions or need information, just call or email me - I'm here to assist you. Happy to write or converse in Italian.

Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph.
(André Kertész)



My Photography Workshop

Are you looking to improve your studio lighting techniques, or maybe you're just starting out with the wonderful art of photography.  In any case, we will create a workshop just for you, tailored to your specific needs and covering areas relevant to your experience as a photographer.

A specially-designed course has the benefit of "meeting you where you are" - whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned photographer, we are happy to share our passion for the craft with you and help you improve your general and specific technique.

Our crafted courses go beyond just taking experience level into account:  we can also teach you how to develop your own style, for instance:  landscape, nature, portrait, street or sport. Maybe you're shooting film for the first time, or are ready to make the transition to medium format, and want an experienced mentor to help you out.

Cymon Taylor, your guide and facilitator, is just that - a photographer with a professional career spanning thirty years.

Based in Tuscany, Cymon has spent the past thirteen years embracing the way of life of the area, in the meantime building up a deep knowledge of the traditions and environs of the picturesque region.

Tuscany is known for its rich history of encouraging the arts and, of course, for its beautiful landscapes, making it an ideal setting for our workshops.

You'll have access to legendary cities like Florence and Siena and peaceful countryside settings like the Val d'Orcia, all of which provide excellent photography opportunities.

My Photography Workshop in Tuscany



Tuscany, nestled in the foothills of northern Italy is truly stunning - something that you must experience (and photograph!) firsthand to truly appreciate.

We therefore, invite you to enjoy the vistas and culture with us, attending your own personalised workshop.


We will help you improve your photography skills and isolate what makes your personal style of photography unique.

You will master your workflow, including all aspects of planning, shooting and post-production. Good planning is key, and this is what our workshops strive for.


Simply put, photography is all about creating or finding light and then capturing everything in it.

In a similar way, our workshops are about helping you to capture the talent that exists within you and bringing it to its full potential, all the while enjoying the Italian sun together.


If you're looking to achieve your photography goals, feel free to contact us.

After you have defined your specific needs, given us a date, and shared your goals, we will begin carefully designing your workshop, one that's guaranteed to improve your technique and ability.



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